Light Roast Sampler


The Light Roast Sampler lets you taste our three premium, light roast ground coffees in a convenient 2 Oz bag. In this box you'll receive:

Burly Bird Light Roast

Wake yourself up and put a spring in your step with a rich, smooth, and delicious cup of Burly Bird. These high altitude, 100% Peruvian specialty beans deliver a delicate array of juicy, fruity, caramel goodness.

Gentle Giant

Beans so magical you’d think Jack himself used them to grow his beanstalk. Well, there’s no giant in this story, other than the giant flavor of awesomeness you’ll experience with every cup. These 100% Costa Rican beans are finely roasted to enrich their natural smooth flavors.

The Lumberjack

You’ll want to put the axe down long enough to enjoy these finely roasted high altitude beans from Guatemala. The Lumberjack packs a powerful punch of intense flavors to create a rich and sweet balanced cup.

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